USA Trip for Family

Ricci  suggested a road trip down HWY 101 for the family instead of going to LA.   The Mustang convertible was waiting for us at the airport.  A concierge met us and picked up our extra suitcases.  Ricci took us to small coastal towns and arranged stays in private beach houses.  Our favorite was the jet boat ride up the Rouge River 

John & Wendy


Dream Trip to British Columbia - Rebecca

My childhood dream was to visit British Columbia .  I wanted to photograph mountains and wildlife. Ricci knew the anrea well and  suggested places we would have never of thought of. 

When our plane was delayed and she made sure we still had passage on the ferry for that day. 

  • Rebecca and Nathan


Honeymoon in Santorini

Ricci listened to our wish list and then made it happen.  We travelled from Greece to Santorina and then to Crete before spending a week in France. Would definitely recommend.

Dan and Brooke


3 Month European Road Tour

We had started planning our European trip ourselves and were a bit overwhelmed.  Ricci met with us and worked with us to put together our dream holiday and at well below the cost of a traditional travel agency.  

We started in Spain, driving through Portugal and France and  followed the Tour de France route.  We then toured Lake Como area before taking a small luxury cruise in Croatia.  On our way back she arranged for 3 days rest  in Dubai.    Thanks  so much!

Dennis and Allison

Family Dude Ranch in Montana

frequently asked questions

Q. How does your service work?

A. We start by asking you to describe your holiday and begin putting ideas together. We present you with options and then book everything. All itineraries are loaded onto  our interactive mobile itinerary so, you can stay in constant contact with us as well as  other members of your travel party.

Q. Why don’t I see any package prices?

A. Because each designed travel experience is unique to you, pricing will differ. Your travel budget is discussed during our initial consultation. 

Q. Isn’t it easier to book it myself?

A. Self-booking is an exciting challenge for some. To the rest of us, it is time consuming, frustrating and often stressful.  Planning a holiday  takes a great deal of time and organization. We can take that burden away from you.

Q. Are your services too expensive for me to afford? 

A.  We generally can  give you both a personalized experience and save you money.  A recent 3 week tour to British Columbia for 2 was inclusive of international/domestic air fares, accommodation, car hire and ferry cost under $11,000. 

Q. Can you finish a trip I have already begun?

A. Yes, we have successfully completed many trips for our clients. Once we take over designing your experience, we do require all bookings and reservations be completed through us.

Q. Can I book flights only with you?

A. Because of the many  flight booking web-sites, we only book flights for our clients who have retained us to design their whole travel experience.


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