There Are Many Ways To Get Wet

Relaxing beach resorts. Pristine white sand beaches,  snorkeling or diving in pristine blue waters.  Jet, skis, Paddle boards or private yacht charter, theres not much we can't arrange.


Say I Love You

There is nothing more romantic, no better way to say, "I Love You," than surprising your special person with a get away.  Want to propose, renew vows or celebrate an anniversary, let us arrange.  

All you have to do is pack.


Walks, Hikes and Discovery

Mountains, Sand Dunes, Tropical Jungles or Coastal Walks.  Epic trails in New Zealand or The Andes.  Leisurely walks through picturesque European towns. Relaxed pace to challenging expeditions.

Great for a group of friends who want to experience something different.


It's All About Family

 Tired of the Gold Coast or Rarotonga?  Want something completely different for your next family holiday?  We have taken our family on many journeys from  the USA, Morocco and Africa.  

Let us design  an experience for you, the children and even grandparents that you will never forget.


Anything With Wheels

 Explore the world by Wheels:  Experience mountain biking  in New Zealand.  or  tour Route 66 on a Harley.  Drive Hwy 101 from Seattle to San Francisco in a Mustang.  Attend world famous auto races like Grand Prix, NASCAR or Le Mans.


USA - The Unexplored Country

The USA is much more than just LA or Disneyland.  From open roads to sophisticated city life.  From wilderness to the  incredible sports and music scene, from NYC  to Cheyenne, Wyoming , let us help you experience the unexplored  regions of a truly unique and diverse country.


Where Can I Escape To?

Want to unplug, to get away from the rat race?  We can help you find that small  tropical island getaway or  a private chartered boat to share with friends  We can help you explore cultures from a unique perspective.  

We have gotten lost ourselves once or twice ourselves and totally recommend the experience.