About Us


Ricci is our “Dry Feet Specialist.”  

She loves designing  epic road tours across the United States and Europe or arranging privately guided tours of Vietnam, Africa and Europe. 

Ricci is an avid mountain biker and spends time on New Zealand's mountain biking trails in Rotorua, Taupo and further afield.  She loves trekking, and food/wine tours.

Her last trip was an overland camping expedition in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  

Her clients have experienced riding camels in the Sahara and trekking to discover Gorillas.  They have toured Europe at leisure.  They have driven down scenic highways in the USA and enjoyed mountain biking across the world.


Scott is our “Wet Feet Specialist”.  

He is a PADI Master Scuba Dive Instructor with experience diving in Fiji, Indonesia, Komodo, Bali, Thailand and Malaysia.  This knowledge allows him to carefully design a dive trip that suits your interests and experience level to ensure a safe and memorable dive experience. 

Scott is an avid history buff and leads our design team for historical tours across the globe. We have sent our clients to gladiator training in Rome and Russian tank driving school in Germany. 



We Don’t Sell Packages – We Design Experiences

  • We are not like  the travel agency that you walk by at the mall, with pre- packaged tours and itineraries.  

  • We want you to experience the world on your terms.

  • Share your travel dreams with us and we will design  a personalized trip that is unique to you.

  • We carefully choose our suppliers, those who reflect our values and commitment to our clients, employees and the local culture.

  • We are there 24/7  as you travel, keeping in touch via your mobile itinerary.  We are always a text, email or call away.  

  • We respect diversity and honor local culture.  We support sustainable travel to protect the planet.