About Wet Feet Dry Feet Travel

Founded in 2013 originally as Ricci’s Travel the business was re-branded as Wet Feet Dry Feet Travel in 2017. This new name reflects the passions of owners Ricci and Scott.

Scott a passionate scuba diver, introduced Ricci to the undersea wonders several years ago. They are now both passionate and qualified to arrange your beyond the surface trips.

Likewise, both are passionate about the outdoors and love nothing better than exploring on their mountain bikes or hitting the road for a good old road trip.

The company was born out of their frustration of getting the tour they wanted not the tour a travel agent wanted you to have.  Share your dreams and passions and they will plan you your trip of a lifetime that will fit into your budget.

Wet Feet Dry Feet Travel
MEET Ricci and SCott
Ricci Harbuck
Chief Tour Planner and Dry feet expert

Ricci is our “Dry Feet Specialist.” She has designed epic road tours across the United States and Europe; privately guided tours of Vietnam, Southeast Asia and Europe. She is an avid mountain biker, trekker, foodie and serial traveller. Ricci also spends time on New Zealand’s mountain biking trails in Rotorua, Taupo and further afield. Her clients have enjoyed personalized tours of the United States, Europe, Africa and the South Pacific. In Africa, they trekked and spent time with gorillas. In America, they cruised Hwy 101 in a Mustang convertible. In Canada they trekked to remote mountain lakes and filmed grizzly bears in the wild. In southern Europe, they traced the Tour de France route by bike, explored the Amalfi Coast and cruised the Croatian coast.

Scott Harbuck
Wet Feet expert

Scott is our “Wet Feet Specialist”. He is a PADI Master Scuba Dive Instructor certified to teach 8 different specialties including Wreck, Photography, Sidemount, Nitrox, Deep and Self-Reliant Diver. He has experience with diving in Fiji, Indonesia, Komodo, Bali, Thailand and Malaysia. This knowledge allows him to carefully design a dive trip that suits your interests and experience level to ensure a memorable dive experience. He can also design non-diving activities such as snorkelling, sailing and surfing. Scott is an avid history buff and leads our design team for historical tours across the globe. We have sent our clients to gladiator training in Rome and Russian tank driving school in Germany. We have toured Civil War sites and walked around walled medieval towns along the Romantic Road in Southern Germany.

OUR ideas

Enjoy exciting handcrafted itineraries to destinations worldwide

Visit marvelous wild places with pure nature, where you can feel freedom

Select your perfect journey destination and have wonderful time on your vacation.

We constantly create new routes and destinations, so you could explore the world!

Let us help you see the world from the seat of a mountain bike

We can help you sail into the sunset. Explore the underwater world by diving.

Enjoy and explore eco tourism with us! Great selection of tours awaits for you.

Take your time and explore the world with a private driver and guide!